Sep. 16th, 2008

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Today has been... interesting. It started with nightmares, the really, really bad kind. Then, just before leaving for school, there was an issue and I had to call an ambulance for a family member. He’s fine, for now at least.

Surprisingly I wasn’t late for class, but only because the entire class had been held up for some reason. I was sprayed by some wet construction dust as I entered the building for my first lecture (Why couldn’t they have done the construction during the summer? They started two weeks ago.) Then I ran across campus to get to my next class in time, and the Teaching Assistant never showed up, so everyone left after fifteen minutes. I went down to the pond inlet, and that was actually nice. It made my day bearable and gave me a chance to recover a bit from my nightmares, etc.

My psych lecture was interesting. We started collecting data for our project, which is on the best systems of learning. So far it looks like semantic associations help one remember better than anything else.

After that I went to a special course for learning how to use the campus library. I’m glad it was a one-time thing; it was informative, but very boring. Also, in biology we were assigned something that I don’t understand the directions to. It looks like that’s going to end well.

Tomorrow things will be better.

Also, also

Sep. 16th, 2008 09:33 pm
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When I was wandering around campus today I found myself in the biology department. One of the doors was labeled biohazard, and there was a sign on it saying that they were studying the West Nile virus. That is pretty cool. In fact, in biology today the teacher told us that there is animal testing going on at the university. I suppose this may have been part of what she was referring to.


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