Sep. 9th, 2009

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So, I got hacked. Or, rather, I went out and gave away my information.

Stupid right?

I've been using a global password for a while. Not for everything, but for my facebook, and my email account, and most things that I'd paid for and thus assumed were legitimate. I managed to use it for ten years without a problem, so I thought I was keeping it pretty safe.

Yesterday, I signed up for an SPC card. You have to go out and buy the cards (though in my case, they were part of a special package at school) so I thought it was fair to assume that I could enter all my information without worrying about it. I signed up with my e-mail address, and used the password on / that I also used with that e-mail address. It was also the address and password that I used for Facebook.

Minutes after that, my Facebook account started sending out spam messages. There was one about every hour. A friend eventually told me about it; (I actually brought the subject up; it likely would have gone unnoticed otherwise. Apparently it "didn't really sound like" me, I suppose because I don't usually tell everyone about how I've been losing a ton of weight on new diets that you can learn about by clicking a tinyurl, or gush over colon-cleanses – I'm really grateful to that friend though; I wouldn't have found out without her, and she's been very kind and has been checking Facebook to see if there are any new messages when I can't. [None so far!]) I rushed home to see what was going on. I changed all my passwords. It was fairly easy to reclaim Facebook, but they'd changed the password on my e-mail account, so I had to work to get into that.

I've certainly learned my lesson about using the same password for multiple things, but I'm really shocked that it was the Student Price Card that ended up screwing me over. I've done complete scans, and I have no viruses or spyware. I haven't used that e-mail and password for anything in quite a while, so I very much doubt that anything else could have been responsible for this, and the fact that the problems began just after I registered cement my suspicions.

I googled "SPC Card hacked" (and a bunch of things like that) and got no results, so this must be a rare problem. I'm not too surprised about that; you have to be pretty foolish for this to happen in the first place. Still, dude, I paid for that. When I make the effort to acquire things legally, through the proper channels, I expect that they'll not go out of their way to fuck with me. (EA Games aside, of course.)

I was really in a panic. I'm glad that I deal with panic by going into an "I've got to fix this!" mode rather than by crying or running around driven solely by terror. It's really disheartening though; it seems like everything related to school this year has opened up a box fullo' emo. Shit better start looking up soon.


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