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I’m alive! I find it hard to believe too.

It’s been a while since my last actual entry, and a lot has happened.

F did end up taking me to the casino, which was an experience. She told me that I wouldn’t have to bring anything, because she’d give me gambling money as a birthday present. I’m glad that I did not listen to her because she apparently thinks that twenty-five dollars is enough to finance a wild life.

She has a fondness for those insipid slot machines, and bets as low as they’ll let her. I had to stand idly by while she lost five dollars on a machine that cost two cents per play. Never again. She calls it being cautious, and I call it being boring. She is an accountant down to her heart.

I found myself drawn to the roulette wheel, which, by the by, had a minimum bet of twenty-five dollars a spin. I lost a bit this way, but I feel it was worth it. F, for reasons that I do understand, feels that I am insane.

We bought alcoholic drinks, and that was very novel. We drank them while listening to a live band doing “Drops of Jupiter” which was actually better than the original. That man had an amazing voice. Amazing. I seriously hope he gets a deal somewhere, because more people need to hear that voice.

A few weeks ago I had another adventure with F. I believe she calls this adventure “The one where Alandrea insisted we pull over so that the soaking wet drunk girl falling into the street could flirt with barfing in my car.” It was pretty funny, and also the first time I’ve been seriously propositioned for lesbian sex. I hope that girl’s okay though; she was pretty out of it. We dropped her off at her house, which was apparently where the party was moving, so at least we know she was looked after.

In other news, my father has been very ill. He went in for an operation recently though, and he’s starting to get better. He honestly thought that he was going to die on the table. I found it a ridiculous fear. I’m very angry though because, thinking that there was a very good chance that he was going to die, he left for the operation, with my mother, without saying goodbye to me. That I understand why he... why they would do that does make me less furious, but only a very, very little.

Exams are over, for now. I think I did generally okay, though there were some moments of less-than-brilliance. I distinctly remember writing that one of Erikson’s stages was ice cream vs. cake, and I think that probably wasn’t in my study notes. Overall... well, I doubt I’ll be winning any awards, but I’m pretty sure I’ve passed everything.

My fingers are getting tired, so that’s all for now. Most of the rest of what I have to talk about is angst, the return of angst, the bride of angst, the return of the bride of angst with the son of angst, and Angst: it’s really angsty now: Special Edition. So I’ll try keeping that to myself for a bit.

Date: 2008-12-28 03:27 pm (UTC)
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Welcome to university and the batshit.

Glad you seem to be having fun :p


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