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So, I was in my psych lecture. The professor had just finished talking about how certain groups are defamed and negatively stereotyped so that people will try to avoid them and not take them seriously. He then asked how many of us are feminists. I was one of about five people who raised their hands. I expected there would be more of us.

Also, this past Thursday, I skipped my first class. This is probably some sort of right-of-passage, adulthood thing, but I just feel rather uncomfortable. It was just the bio lecture, with the professor who simply reads his slides aloud then puts them online, but I can’t shake the suspicion that the one day I didn’t come will have been the day when the unexpected will have happened. That is, he will have worn a mariachi hat, and danced around the lecture hall, giving exam hints and free passing grades to all who attended.

If only I had been there. It is not completely my fault though. I skipped because the road was blocked off – I think someone had been in an accident on the escarpment – and the only way around involved the highway, which, since it was snowing heavily, was too icy to bother with. While heading back home, the snow got to the point where you couldn't even see where you were going, so I think the choice to return was a good one.


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