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One week ago, at this time, (since I was plagued with the same insomnia that I am now) I decided that if I was going to be awake and alert all night, I was going to do something productive with my time. So, I organised the next three years of my life, or at least, the scholastic portion of them. I’m really not a ‘plan ahead’ person, but this is one of those things that you have to plan, seeing as pre-requisites exist and all. I’ve picked out every single course that I’m going to take, and I’ve determined that instead of sociology, I’m going to minor in criminology.

Due to the courses I took last year – if I want to complete my undergraduate degree in four years – I have no option except minoring in some branch of sociology. I had planned on this, but then found that I really can’t stand it, and the future courses offered do not look like they fit my interests.

Luckily, criminology is a subsection of our sociology department, so I can go into that. The courses still don’t seem fascinating, but to tell the truth, not much that’s not in my major looks both interesting and useful. If I hadn’t eliminated linguistics from my options last year, I may have gone with that, and the drama and film courses look wonderful, but I’d likely never have a practical use for them.

Criminology is especially good for me though, because not only are there very few (I think it has the least of any minor) requirements, (which leaves me open to have more fascinating courses in psychology) but it may be useful for me if I go into criminal psychology and profiling (which I likely won’t, but it’s good to keep your options open, and it does sound somewhat interesting, though I imagine it’d have an extremely high burnout rate).

My psych mark was high enough to continue into honours, though only just barely, but I’m beginning to get the impression that that’s actually a pretty rare achievement. I’ve heard people say that the first year course gives the lowest marks, and that most people improve drastically as the years progress, so I hope that applies to me. I’m worried about how I’ll do in the statistics course, but I did take MDM 4U, so maybe I’ll survive.

I’m actually really glad that I planned my courses out this early in the summer, because (and I don’t think they actually say this anywhere, you have to sort of figure it out for yourself) you can’t apply for courses in your minor if you haven’t applied for that minor first, and that’s not something you can do before first year. So people who want to get into a course for their minor have to – at some point either during the school year or the summer – apply in person for a minor. There’s a roundabout way of doing it too: you have to go in to the registrar’s office and get a form to declare your major again, (you can print the form off if you want, but I’m pretty sure you can’t just mail it in, you have to submit it in person) and there’s a little, easy to miss, spot where you write in by hand what you want for your minor. I don’t know if that’s how they do it everywhere, but I know that you have to have a minor to graduate here, and if I hadn’t noticed that the courses I wanted required a minor to sign up for, then I wouldn’t have gone to search for how to apply for a minor, and I would have simply assumed that you take whatever courses you want to make up your minor and then somehow everything magically gets sorted out.

So I applied for my minor on Monday, and apparently it’ll be put through whenever. The woman I spoke to wouldn’t give me an estimate; she said that they’d get to it when they’d get to it, and that when it went through depended on how many people there were waiting before me.

I’m pretty sure that that’s fine for me, because there’s more than a month before registration begins and I expect it won’t take that long to get through the paperwork, but I feel really bad for the people who aren’t going to notice and are going to find out that they can’t register for the courses they want after registration has opened and people are already sniping each other to get in, or the ones who aren’t going to notice until the last minute, and are going to have to wait for their application to be put through, at which point the courses they want are going to be full.

So, I mean, unless there’s some huge, obvious sign that I missed, that probably causes some problems.

In other news, I went to see Star Trek with my parents that Friday night. I consider myself somewhat knowledgeable in the ways of Star Trek, seeing as it was one of my favourite shows when I was a kid, and even F mocked me a little for talking about how awesome TNG was in first or second grade. (See my street geek cred, that’s totally my geek cred, it may not be much, but you’ve gotta admit it’s there.)

Overall, I liked it. Actually, I thought it was pretty awesome, and I loved how they came right out and pretty much said, “This is an alternate universe, and what happened in the original version is still legit, but we’re playing in this realm now,” right in the movie. I hope that assuaged a lot of purist!fan hate.

I thought that there was a lot of great acting going on, and everybody had “aww, you’re so adorable!” moments which I didn’t think went into overkill. I also thought that there were enough little details similar to TOS to keep people happy and make it clear that this really was a Star Trek movie in spirit.

This thing happened though, because I went with my family and we took my dad. There’s this scene that I guess everybody has heard about by now, where Uhura and Spock kiss, and I think that as far as such scenes go, it’s one of the better ones I’ve seen in a while. The thing is, during that scene, my dad, really loudly, he said “Oh no!”

Now, I’m thinking that this is just because he’s really old, and kind of bashful, and he gets uncomfortable when any affection is shown onscreen. But, wow, it was awkward. And loud, very loud. I wonder what people thought.


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