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The dog and the cat keep playing a game which may or may not actually be sexual harassment. I think it's an "arrgh, I'm going to stand over you and nibble on your neck because I want you to play with me!" from the dog, and an "OMFG! No! GTFO you perv!" from the cat.

I've been having to wipe gobs of dog slobber off of √Čtoile's back. He usually likes that, I think it's because he thinks I'm cleaning him affectionately or something - he likes licking us, so evidently he thinks it's a nice gesture, and not just to claim us, or because we taste good.

It would be nice if they got along. There are some moments where it looks like they could, but those moments tend to end with me yelling, "Do not crush/bite/harass my cat!" or mother yelling, "Do not scratch my dog! Claws stay in!"

Bre-an, as it turns out, is persistent in the same way that Edward was brilliant. This means that where Edward would find new and interesting ways to get around any obstacles, Bre-an just keeps pushing through those obstacles until he overcomes them. This has caused problems because even when he gets hurt, he keeps on trying. He's watched the cat, and thereby determined how to get over the baby-gates, but there are some parts of the gates that he can get stuck on, painfully. I have had to extract him when he gets stuck, because he doesn't try to get unstuck, just to get all the way over.

It has also caused problems in house training. He seems to believe that he'll keep defecating wherever he wants, and eventually mother will stop scolding him for it. Edward appeared to feel shame when he had an accident. Bre-an has no accidents; he pees with intent.
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