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On Sunday I spoke with F. I guess the key is communication, but I don't really feel better having expressed myself. Perhaps this is because I often get the impression of speaking to a brick wall. She says that she never asks questions because she's learned that I'll say something if I want to, and she knows how private I am, and doesn't want to pry. I think that's bullshit. I had to make her promise that she would show interest in my life, which I think is probably not something that someone should feel they need to request of their best friend. Whatever, it's not like I can pick and choose. She says I've always been there for her, but she knows that she's not always there for me. She said so many times that she knows that I don't trust her anymore, and she understands why, and she knows I'll never fully trust her again. Apparently she is happy with the status-quo, because she's never done anything to change that. The girl she used to be would have tried.

Mother and I took the dog to the vet today. He sat on my lap in the car, and squealed and squirmed for the whole ride – there and back. When we got there, mother registered his name: Bre-an. I was shocked. I had not been informed of this change. I generally do not approve of hyphens in first names. I should not have been surprised though, this is, after all, the woman who named her daughter Alandrea, but still. Still. At least she was happy that no-one mispronounced it.

Bre-an is 10.8 pounds, and perfectly healthy. We are going to get him a harness for the car, so that he can learn to ride around in it without freaking out. He and Étoile are still not exactly getting along, but not exactly... not getting along either. It's weird.


Jun. 12th, 2009 10:35 pm
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We brought home the dog today. We’re naming him Breon. He’s very sweet to everyone, but he’s obviously taken to mother and is going to be her dog. I keep comparing him to Edward. I keep crying.

Étoile was sleeping when we brought Breon home. Everything seemed to be better than we thought possible; when Étoile woke up, he came downstairs to eat, and walked right by the dog with no reaction other than a slight glance.

He ate, said hello to me, then walked by the dog again. Then, I saw the best silent big no since Italian Spiderman. I guess he was still half asleep the first time by, so he didn’t really notice the puppy. He’s spent the rest of the day getting slowly closer to Breon before scampering away. Luckily, Breon does not yet seem inclined to chase him. He doesn’t seem to like Breon yet, or rather, he doesn’t seem to know what to think of him. He seems to understand that he is not being usurped though, so that’s very good.

The dog’s kennel is right outside my door, and he won’t stop whining because he wants to be in my parents’ room. He stopped for a while when Étoile poked at him through the bars, but then mother yelled at Étoile because teasing the puppy really is not fair, and his claws are only clipped.

I hope they learn to get along. And I really hope he stops whining soon.
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Well, we're getting a dog. A man at the market who sells organic vegetables (mostly potatoes) bred some Border Collies, and on Saturday he brought one to show while selling his wares, so my mother saw it and started talking to him about dogs. On Tuesday, mother and I went to the man's farm, and saw the litter. There had only been two boys, and one was already spoken for. Mother was charmed by the puppy, so decided to take him.

He's very sweet, but I am as of yet unconvinced by his charms. I think he's ugly and he smells bad. This is probably an indication of an absence of soul on my part, and will hopefully be remedied once I get to know him. Mother, father, and I will be going to pick him up this Friday.

Hopefully he'll get along with the cat; we think there's a good chance that he will, because there were a lot of barn cats about, and he seemed to have a healthy respect for them. Still, Border Collies are herding dogs, which means that he's very likely going to be a chaser, and Étoile enjoys playing tag.

He is six weeks old, and I very much doubt that he's potty trained at all. That'll be fun. The man said that he wants the pups to go to their homes as early as possible so that they'll better bond to their people. I am not sure I buy that, but it's probably a good idea to get him out of the barn and in to the house as soon as we can.

It was a bit awkward when I was at the farm to see the puppies. I am the epitome of city girl, so, "What pretty eyes that cow has," I said, staring directly at the bull's horns. Also, it took me about 5 seconds to say "Ooh, look over there... it's a... rooster!" I think the man was rather bemused, but he didn't laugh at me outright, so I guess that's okay.
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One week ago, at this time, (since I was plagued with the same insomnia that I am now) I decided that if I was going to be awake and alert all night, I was going to do something productive with my time. So, I organised the next three years of my life, or at least, the scholastic portion of them. I’m really not a ‘plan ahead’ person, but this is one of those things that you have to plan, seeing as pre-requisites exist and all. I’ve picked out every single course that I’m going to take, and I’ve determined that instead of sociology, I’m going to minor in criminology.

Due to the courses I took last year – if I want to complete my undergraduate degree in four years – I have no option except minoring in some branch of sociology. I had planned on this, but then found that I really can’t stand it, and the future courses offered do not look like they fit my interests.

Luckily, criminology is a subsection of our sociology department, so I can go into that. The courses still don’t seem fascinating, but to tell the truth, not much that’s not in my major looks both interesting and useful. If I hadn’t eliminated linguistics from my options last year, I may have gone with that, and the drama and film courses look wonderful, but I’d likely never have a practical use for them.

Criminology is especially good for me though, because not only are there very few (I think it has the least of any minor) requirements, (which leaves me open to have more fascinating courses in psychology) but it may be useful for me if I go into criminal psychology and profiling (which I likely won’t, but it’s good to keep your options open, and it does sound somewhat interesting, though I imagine it’d have an extremely high burnout rate).

My psych mark was high enough to continue into honours, though only just barely, but I’m beginning to get the impression that that’s actually a pretty rare achievement. I’ve heard people say that the first year course gives the lowest marks, and that most people improve drastically as the years progress, so I hope that applies to me. I’m worried about how I’ll do in the statistics course, but I did take MDM 4U, so maybe I’ll survive.

I’m actually really glad that I planned my courses out this early in the summer, because (and I don’t think they actually say this anywhere, you have to sort of figure it out for yourself) you can’t apply for courses in your minor if you haven’t applied for that minor first, and that’s not something you can do before first year. So people who want to get into a course for their minor have to – at some point either during the school year or the summer – apply in person for a minor. There’s a roundabout way of doing it too: you have to go in to the registrar’s office and get a form to declare your major again, (you can print the form off if you want, but I’m pretty sure you can’t just mail it in, you have to submit it in person) and there’s a little, easy to miss, spot where you write in by hand what you want for your minor. I don’t know if that’s how they do it everywhere, but I know that you have to have a minor to graduate here, and if I hadn’t noticed that the courses I wanted required a minor to sign up for, then I wouldn’t have gone to search for how to apply for a minor, and I would have simply assumed that you take whatever courses you want to make up your minor and then somehow everything magically gets sorted out.

So I applied for my minor on Monday, and apparently it’ll be put through whenever. The woman I spoke to wouldn’t give me an estimate; she said that they’d get to it when they’d get to it, and that when it went through depended on how many people there were waiting before me.

I’m pretty sure that that’s fine for me, because there’s more than a month before registration begins and I expect it won’t take that long to get through the paperwork, but I feel really bad for the people who aren’t going to notice and are going to find out that they can’t register for the courses they want after registration has opened and people are already sniping each other to get in, or the ones who aren’t going to notice until the last minute, and are going to have to wait for their application to be put through, at which point the courses they want are going to be full.

So, I mean, unless there’s some huge, obvious sign that I missed, that probably causes some problems.

In other news, I went to see Star Trek with my parents that Friday night. I consider myself somewhat knowledgeable in the ways of Star Trek, seeing as it was one of my favourite shows when I was a kid, and even F mocked me a little for talking about how awesome TNG was in first or second grade. (See my street geek cred, that’s totally my geek cred, it may not be much, but you’ve gotta admit it’s there.)

Overall, I liked it. Actually, I thought it was pretty awesome, and I loved how they came right out and pretty much said, “This is an alternate universe, and what happened in the original version is still legit, but we’re playing in this realm now,” right in the movie. I hope that assuaged a lot of purist!fan hate.

I thought that there was a lot of great acting going on, and everybody had “aww, you’re so adorable!” moments which I didn’t think went into overkill. I also thought that there were enough little details similar to TOS to keep people happy and make it clear that this really was a Star Trek movie in spirit.

This thing happened though, because I went with my family and we took my dad. There’s this scene that I guess everybody has heard about by now, where Uhura and Spock kiss, and I think that as far as such scenes go, it’s one of the better ones I’ve seen in a while. The thing is, during that scene, my dad, really loudly, he said “Oh no!”

Now, I’m thinking that this is just because he’s really old, and kind of bashful, and he gets uncomfortable when any affection is shown onscreen. But, wow, it was awkward. And loud, very loud. I wonder what people thought.
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So I was going to go out tonight, but one friend suddenly found out that she could only go out during the day because of family circumstances, and the other apparently was not planning on telling me that the entire day was cancelled because she was devoting herself to her brother’s birthday party. Devoting yourself to your brother’s birthday is great, but I would appreciate it if you could actually tell people that the event planned around your schedule two weeks ago was cancelled. Other people do actually plan time to go out with their friends, not to avoid them, and may have done different things with their day if they had known that they wouldn’t be going out.

I need less self-centered friends. Things should be all about me all the time, obviously.

Exams are done though, and that’s good. I think I did really well on psychology. The Biology teacher actually sent out what amounted to a public apology for the exam, and they’re going to be doing some weird stuff to get a mark from it. They’ll be using either our labs or our midterm to make up 30% of the final exam grade. I am betting that a lot of shit went down.

In other news, a professor has been arrested for the possession, distribution and making of child pornography. As one may imagine, this has not gone over well. It looks like the evidence is pretty damn conclusive, so I’m glad he’s been tracked down.

He was going to retire next year; now his existence is being erased. The parts of the school that were associated with him are being renamed, and everything regarding him is being kept under wraps. As far as I’ve been able to find, the only papers reporting it have been from the nearby region, and I’ve only been able to find two different articles about it, though one of them was printed in two newspapers.

Most people I’ve spoken to know that a professor was arrested, but not what for. It’s probably not good for the reputation of a university to be known for employing a child molester for more than twenty-five years, but I think it’s probably the sort of crime that should be acknowledged, as long as the children involved can’t be identified. Maybe, if creeps hear that others are being caught, it’ll have some slight affect that dissuades them from committing similar crimes. The chance is probably small, but anything that goes toward preventing child-molestation has to help.
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On Thursday, I did my Linguistics and Writing exams.

I’m glad Writing is over, and I hope I did well. It has persuaded me to avoid online courses at all costs if given the chance.

Linguistics I’ll miss a little. The exam was pretty good; I think I did well. One question however was completely out of the blue, and I did not prepare for it at all. That question? Give three Latin phrases used in the Harry Potter books, and explain what they mean in English.

I am pretty glad that I am such a geek, because it was one of those “Only fandom can save you now!” moments. I called upon the fangirl within, and she was more than willing to supply the answers that I know are correct. Yeah, all that time spent searching for the deeper meanings of the spells that Rowling wrote so that I could better understand the world and feel more competent writing fanfiction paid off.

In short, spending countless hours obsessing over a fantasy world has helped me succeed in University. Fuck yes!

Then, yesterday, I did biology. I am not best pleased.

The exam was 100 multiple choice questions. That is reasonable; it’s a course for people who are not into biology, and there were over 900 of us in it (Though there had been something like 1800 at the midterm exam).

Now, this biology course, well, I think I’ve expressed my feelings about it before. Suffice it to say that it wouldn't convince anyone who took it that they actually like biology and should take further science courses. I don’t think the professor really wanted to teach us, and I don’t think the students really wanted to be there (I’ll be frank, I came almost every day, and sometimes there were only about 30 of us at lecture). I don’t think the effort was really there on anyone’s side.

Still, I expect a University poofessor (that spelling mistake is staying in because it made me giggle like a small child) to put forth a bit more effort than:

78. What does HPV stand for?
a) one
b) human papillomavirus
c) three
d) four
e) five

For a final exam, that seems a bit off. Now, I wouldn’t complain, because damn, that’s an easy mark, and ya need all the marks ya can get, but that was… only one of many problems with the exam.

We were, for example, given 500 review questions, 100 of which we were led to believe would be on the exam. About 20 of them were.

Now, maybe I’m spoiled, but I think that if you’re going to be nice enough to give people a few hours worth of questions, and tell them that the exam will consist of those questions, you should make sure that the questions do appear on the exam. You also should not tell your students that the material will only be from this semester if you’re going to ask questions about the material from last semester. That’s kind of a dick move.

I have reason to believe that the exam was, in fact, the exam from last semester with some (only some!) questions changed. The easy questions had one answer that was in any way reasonable, and four other answers that were vaguely familiar and would have made sense for questions that I can almost remember from the last exam. Some of the questions were, I am almost certain, verbatim, and in the same place that they were in the last exam. A very few were from the review, and a very, very few were extremely what the fuck you never mentioned this let alone taught it and it has nothing to do with the subjects we covered in this course and is this even a real question or did you just throw a bunch of scientific words that someone without a biology degree could have no hope of understanding together and call it a day?

So yeah, my personal theory is that he got smashed, and wrote the exam in a matter of minutes, taking last semester’s exam and copy-pasting a few new questions and answers onto it.

I think I passed? I mean, I remembered the questions from the last exam, and I’m sure I got the ones that were on the review right, but I don’t know if I answered last semester’s questions correctly, or if I guessed the right answers for the others.

I actually handed my test to the professor as I was walking out. He said to have a nice summer, and instead of the verbal violence I wanted to commit, I smiled, tucked a strand of hair behind my ear, and said “you too.”

Logically, I’m proud of myself, I’m the student here, and student entitlement is such a problem, and I must be in the wrong, but there’s this primal creature raging inside and screaming that leaping at someone while calling them a douchewaffle is sometimes for the best. I don’t know, I just don’t know.

I mean, it cost a hell of a lot of money to take this course, some effort from the teacher is to be expected.

I think it was a shitty course, with a shitty professor, and an extremely shitty exam, and I like biology.

Hopefully, as the years progress, the courses I take will get more specialised, and teachers will care about the content more, and I will never again have to deal with a professor who just doesn't give a damn.

Hopefully, hope is eternal.


Apr. 1st, 2009 10:41 pm
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Oh my goodness, oh my. Étoile just brought me a mouse. My door was closed, so he tried to shove it under, and I kinda freaked out, even though I didn't scream, because I didn't see that it was from Étoile and it looked a bit alive and I wondered what the hell it was doing trying to get under my door because those things do not belong in this part of the house. Anyway, I opened the door more, and Étoile ran away with it, and I think he's eating it on the couch now which is pretty gross but I'm very proud of him and flattered that he brought it to show me. Oh my, oh my goodness.
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Although I am sure they're all serious, I can't help but feel dubious about any exam hints professors give us on April Fool's.
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On the 17th, we got a kitten. Pretty kick-ass, right? He’s a black-and-white little boy, and, on Friday, he’s going to have his balls chopped off. Whenever I mention this to him, he purrs. I expect that he does not realise the enormity of the situation. He will.

He’s pretty small, and although his purr is really deep, his mew is really high. On Monday, when we took him in to get his shots, the vet said that he looked like he had a bit of Siamese in him. So, his body shape and his voice are Siamese-like, but his colouring is not.

He’s kinda funny looking. His nose goes straight down, and his markings make his face look a bit uneven. He pulls it off well though; he’s incredibly cute. He is also very, very affectionate. I have never met a cat this affectionate, though I’ve heard of them. He comes running to you when he sees you, and he always loves being touched. He also hasn’t tried to scratch any of us, and the only times he’s bitten have been because of mating behaviour, and that’s going to stop soon.

We named him Étoile. Which I guess is a girl’s name, but that’s okay, because he’s a cat.

I’ve been very adamant about this, so instead of declawing, we’re going to try Soft Paws on him. Apparently they sell them at PetSmart, though I’ve looked at the PetSmart website, and what they’re selling seems to be a knockoff. It may work just as well though.

So yeah, he’s pretty sweet. And he’s brave too; when something crashes down he comes to see what it was. Also, by the way he plays, we think he’ll be a good mouser, which is good.

I’m really glad we adopted him.


Mar. 24th, 2009 08:58 pm
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We put Edward down on the tenth. We took him in to the vet's, and the vet gave him too much sedative. He said it would take fifteen to twenty seconds, but it took less. Edward died in my arms, and I guess that's as good a thing as you can hope for.


Mar. 5th, 2009 07:14 pm
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I've been so psyched for Watchmen to come out, but due to recent events, I don't think I'm going to go see it on opening day. It's almost three hours long, and I don't think I want to leave him alone for that long. Oh well, it's not like I don't already know the plot, and it'll probably be more enjoyable to see it when the theatres are less full.


Mar. 3rd, 2009 05:18 pm
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So it wasn’t pneumonia. My dog has cancer.

The vet said he had about a week to live; we’re going to have to take him in when it gets too bad.

It’s in his lungs, but it didn’t start there. We don’t know where it started. The vet said that this is a really bad city for it. He’s seen more cases since he came here than he ever saw anywhere else. He gave us some meds to alleviate the pain. Mother said that it was the stuff they use on humans too.

Mother’s still sort of in denial. She’s an adult, and doing what she needs to do, but she’s spent all this time denying things, and she’s not ready to stop yet. I think I resent her a little for that. I’d like to be in denial, but I can’t be. It’s just not me.

I found the way the doctor told us interesting. He was quick to say that it was cancer, but after that he took his time. I think it took over a minute to tell us that it couldn’t be treated, and even after that I had to ask how long he had to live.

When I got home I told father, and I think I probably didn’t do it in the way you’re supposed to. I just told him that “Edward has about a week to live; he’s got cancer.” but I don’t think my bluntness put him off. He touched my shoulder, and told me that he was sorry, and that he loved Edward and he loved me. Then he wandered off.

I’m glad that it was something unpreventable, something that even if I’d insisted we see the vet about earlier, nothing could have been done about. Even so, I really, really hate this. I’m like some pathetic child screaming “No! Don’t leave me!” I held him and cried as much as I could on the ride home. I don’t know what I’m going to be like without him. I’m scared.
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Well, Edward's a bit too warm. He's avoiding the stairs, and when you get near him he whines a little. He didn't eat his dinner tonight. This is the first time he's ever not eaten his food.
He had better get better soon.
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So I’ve been feeling like absolute shit since last night because my dog got so sick that he wouldn’t even come up the stairs to sleep; he just lay there at the bottom, whining.

He’d been looking down for a while, but mother thought it would pass, and I wasn’t persistent enough to convince her to agree that we should take him to the vet. This changed obviously, and an appointment was made for today, while I would be at school.

I have an hour long break between classes, and I wrote this then. )

When I finally – after all classes and doing everything I could reasonably do short of loitering on campus – called her back, she told me that the vet thought it was going to be alright, “He was very good; he thinks it’s just pneumonia and maybe a bit of arthritis. He gave us ten days of antibiotics.”

Cue my ridiculously overjoyed response, “My dog has pneumonia!?”

Not something I thought I’d ever say with joy, but there you have it. He’s taken today’s pill without objection, and he’s managing the stairs sometimes. I am so relieved.
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So, regarding that flood thing, the plumbers came on Monday. That’s this Monday, meaning that we’ve probably lost a few swimming pools worth of water down the drain, but hey, at least that’s over with. And it was, for the most part, flowing down the drain and not onto the floor. So that’s good.

It’s been reading week, and I fully expected to do some readings, but all I’ve actually done is sleep and get my BE mage up to level 69 with only 4 bars to go until level 70 and enough battleground marks to get all of the war mounts. Good to know I’m doing something with my life. Other people are going to Mexico.


Also, I found this which is, almost word for word, part of a lecture my linguistics professor gave. I don’t think he mentioned that he was directly quoting a comedian, and it’s long enough that if he didn’t, I think he should have. I wasn’t overly impressed by that guy at first, but I found this to be incredibly awesome, and I think he’s the guy behind “The Impotence of Proofreading” so good for him.

In other news, pretty much everyone I know is back to a status of generally healthy, so that’s awesome.

I don’t think I actually have anything else to say. I think that either tonight or tomorrow night I shall try to go on an adventure. I have had no excitement all week, and if I don’t have a story to tell by Monday I shall be very disappointed.
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So, I was in my psych lecture. The professor had just finished talking about how certain groups are defamed and negatively stereotyped so that people will try to avoid them and not take them seriously. He then asked how many of us are feminists. I was one of about five people who raised their hands. I expected there would be more of us.

Also, this past Thursday, I skipped my first class. This is probably some sort of right-of-passage, adulthood thing, but I just feel rather uncomfortable. It was just the bio lecture, with the professor who simply reads his slides aloud then puts them online, but I can’t shake the suspicion that the one day I didn’t come will have been the day when the unexpected will have happened. That is, he will have worn a mariachi hat, and danced around the lecture hall, giving exam hints and free passing grades to all who attended.

If only I had been there. It is not completely my fault though. I skipped because the road was blocked off – I think someone had been in an accident on the escarpment – and the only way around involved the highway, which, since it was snowing heavily, was too icy to bother with. While heading back home, the snow got to the point where you couldn't even see where you were going, so I think the choice to return was a good one.
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I’m alive! I find it hard to believe too.

It’s been a while since my last actual entry, and a lot has happened.

F did end up taking me to the casino, which was an experience. She told me that I wouldn’t have to bring anything, because she’d give me gambling money as a birthday present. I’m glad that I did not listen to her because she apparently thinks that twenty-five dollars is enough to finance a wild life.

She has a fondness for those insipid slot machines, and bets as low as they’ll let her. I had to stand idly by while she lost five dollars on a machine that cost two cents per play. Never again. She calls it being cautious, and I call it being boring. She is an accountant down to her heart.

I found myself drawn to the roulette wheel, which, by the by, had a minimum bet of twenty-five dollars a spin. I lost a bit this way, but I feel it was worth it. F, for reasons that I do understand, feels that I am insane.

We bought alcoholic drinks, and that was very novel. We drank them while listening to a live band doing “Drops of Jupiter” which was actually better than the original. That man had an amazing voice. Amazing. I seriously hope he gets a deal somewhere, because more people need to hear that voice.

A few weeks ago I had another adventure with F. I believe she calls this adventure “The one where Alandrea insisted we pull over so that the soaking wet drunk girl falling into the street could flirt with barfing in my car.” It was pretty funny, and also the first time I’ve been seriously propositioned for lesbian sex. I hope that girl’s okay though; she was pretty out of it. We dropped her off at her house, which was apparently where the party was moving, so at least we know she was looked after.

In other news, my father has been very ill. He went in for an operation recently though, and he’s starting to get better. He honestly thought that he was going to die on the table. I found it a ridiculous fear. I’m very angry though because, thinking that there was a very good chance that he was going to die, he left for the operation, with my mother, without saying goodbye to me. That I understand why he... why they would do that does make me less furious, but only a very, very little.

Exams are over, for now. I think I did generally okay, though there were some moments of less-than-brilliance. I distinctly remember writing that one of Erikson’s stages was ice cream vs. cake, and I think that probably wasn’t in my study notes. Overall... well, I doubt I’ll be winning any awards, but I’m pretty sure I’ve passed everything.

My fingers are getting tired, so that’s all for now. Most of the rest of what I have to talk about is angst, the return of angst, the bride of angst, the return of the bride of angst with the son of angst, and Angst: it’s really angsty now: Special Edition. So I’ll try keeping that to myself for a bit.
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I haven’t been online in a long time, at least not properly. There’s a lot that I want to say, just to type it out and have it here, but I don’t have time for that right now. What I need to do now is work something out, and explaining it to dear diary seems to be the method of choice.

There’s this project. It’s worth a lot and it’s due on Monday and I couldn’t lie for anything if I said it was anywhere near done.

The reason for this (besides procrastination) is that I’ve been stuck on the second hypothesis. The professor said it’s unsupported, the TAs have said it’s unsupported, and the other students have said it’s unsupported. I don’t see that. I see that it’s supported perfectly, just in a way that was unexpected. It seems to me that everyone’s looking at the meaning of the hypothesis, rather than the wording of it. What (I’m pretty sure) the professor meant when he came up with the hypothesis (I think, “Understanding the benefits of semantic processing will result in students relying more on deeper processing when studying) is completely unsupported. What the hypothesis said, (literally, “Understanding the benefits of semantic processing will result in changes in the student’s intended study strategies.”) of course it’s supported. Just look at the results, how could it not be? There were changes.

I don’t know though. I must be misunderstanding something because there’s no way I’m seeing something that a professor, several TAs, and 1400 other students are missing. I must be wrong, but I can’t explain why I am, and I can explain why I’m right.

That’s what it’s about, right? Even if I’m wrong, even if I do what everyone else is doing, I can’t explain why I’ll be doing it. At least if I’m wrong, I’ll have an understandable reason for being wrong.

I think I’m going to say the hypothesis was supported. The marking scheme says a lot. It says that I need proper APA style, that I need to be concise (having trouble with that), that I need good grammar and spelling and orderly idea development and proper paragraph structure. It doesn’t say that I need to be right.
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It was pretty nifty, especially the part when I registered and couldn’t pronounce my own middle name. The lady registering me got a little suspicious, and I didn’t do myself any favours when, right after that, I got my birthday wrong. Since I didn’t get kicked out, or arrested for identity fraud or anything, I can look back on it and laugh.

I haven’t been on LJ in a while; I’ve been absurdly busy. I have three essays to do before next Thursday, and they had better be damn good. I’m feeling pretty competent right now though. There was a test in psycholinguistics last week, and my mark was noticeably above the average. I’m struck by that mainly because everyone I talked to said it was an incredibly easy test, and I felt bad at first because I thought it wasn’t. Then they started freaking out over their mark, and I did not.

My biology class switches teachers this Thursday. I can’t believe how much time has passed since the year started; it feels like nothing.

My sociology lecture, I’ve noticed, contains two young men who appear to be the frat-boy editions of Mario and Luigi. I haven’t seen them since the second lecture. Maybe they, like many others, stopped attending, or maybe it’s just that they’ve changed their outfits and I can’t recognise them anymore. Either way, I think they had no idea that they resembled video game characters, which makes it that much better.

For my swiftly impending birthday, F wants to take me to a casino so that we can get smashed and gamble away what little cash we have. I’m not so much up for this. The closest casino we have is in Niagara Falls, and I hear it’s a bit crap. Maybe I’ll be a little bit less of a killjoy on my birthday, but there are various reasons why I do not really want to go out and I was wishing that I could count on her to remember them. In the end, I’ll probably end up going out for a bit, then calling it an early night.

Class starts soon, so I’d better get ready to go. I think we have a guest lecturer for sociology, so that should be interesting.

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