Sep. 3rd, 2008 08:42 pm
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Classes start tomorrow. I have biology and psycholinguistics. There’s a ten-minute gap between them, and that means that I have to run from one end of campus to the other in that amount of time. Not awesome. However, I have found a route that lets me run over the rooftops and is therefore not only cooler, but also shorter than other routes, so maybe I’ll manage to make it in time.

In other news, Captain No-Friends has managed to retain her title. I saw a couple of people from high school, but they seemed to be doing their own things.

There was an orientation thing today for all of the social sciences students. More people attended than were expected; apparently it was the biggest turnout they’d had. Despite the odds I think I managed to make a good impression. We were seated in bleachers in a gymnasium, and some girl near the top dropped her cell phone over the edge at the beginning of the presentation. Since I was seated on the bottom row I got up and got it for her. I also clapped at the end when some people won free stuff. Sometimes people didn’t clap for others, I suppose because they weren’t popular yet, and I was alone clapping for a bit. While I was there, I felt that all of my actions were pretty awkward, but in retrospect I think they make me a kind of cool person. So, overall, I’m pleased.

I hope tomorrow goes well.
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Today was the first day of Orientation week. Most of the day’s events were geared toward people living in the residences, and since I’m living off campus, I didn’t go to them.

I did however decide to go to the orientation kick-off where they, as one may cleverly assume, kick off the orientation. Of course, this would be the perfect time to make new friends. People are alone and far from home; who wouldn’t want someone to talk to.

I started off my quest to become the university’s top socialite by attending the event and using the cunning tactic of not speaking to a single fucking person.

It may appear that I was trying to shroud myself in mystery, but no, that would only make me look pretentious. My real goal was to telepathically communicate to the several hundred people there that I am awesome, and that they should immediately do everything in their power to get close to me. Obviously, there are some flaws in this plan, me not being telepathic and me being socially retarded are the main ones, but it seems to be coming along nicely.

Oh yes, this approach will surely lead me to victory.
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Today I got a letter from my old high school. Turns out it wasn’t actually a letter, but my sociology teacher had mailed me the rubric from my ISU that I’d sworn he had. Kudos to him for actually mailing it to me at this date. I guess this means he gets to keep saying that he’s never lost a student’s work. I hope I get mentioned in an anecdote about misplacing it though.

I never did get the bonus 15%.


Aug. 26th, 2008 10:01 pm
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I bought the last of my textbooks today, and went around to find all of my classrooms. It turns out that anticipation feels a lot like cold terror.


Jul. 2nd, 2008 10:59 pm
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Today I went to a university orientation program and registered for my courses. It was madness; course registration just opened yesterday, yet most of the courses I wanted were almost full. I guess I’m very lucky that I went today.

I’m taking Introduction to Psychology and Introduction to Sociology as well as Biology: a Human Perspective (It was mandatory that I take one science credit, and this was described as “For non-science majors”). I’ll also be taking The Study of Language*, which looks interesting, Introduction to the Psychology of Language**, which was a last second choice because the course I wanted isn’t taught at all anymore, and Academic Writing for the Social Sciences, which wasn’t mandatory, but was highly recommended.

Academic Writing for the Social Sciences is worth only half a credit. It will be only in the second semester, and it will be an online course. I’ve never taken an online course before, so I hope I manage to do that without forgetting about it, or screwing up horribly, or something incredibly foolish. Introduction to the Psychology of Language fills up the other half of the credit. It’ll be only in first semester, and be the only course on Friday, so I’ll get to look forward to having Fridays off when that’s over.

That's really quite a few linguistics courses. More than I should reasonably need. I'm going to know more about language than I have ever hoped to. People are going to come up to me, and say "Hey, Alandrea!" and I am going to say "Did you know that you're usage of the word 'hey' is (insert linguist-babble here)" and then... well, I guess and then people are going to stop talking to me.

The school’s pretty small; there are only about 17 000 students. I think that’ll be good for me though, and the entire place looks amazing. It really does look like a community. It’s pretty compact; I don’t think I’ll have too much trouble getting to my classes on time. Of course, I don’t know where my classes will take place yet, and some are scheduled back-to-back, so here’s to hoping that I’ll be able to get around quickly enough.

The party facilities also looked very pleasing, which I’m sure is important. The on-campus bar seems nice, and they generally get good people to do shows. I bought a membership that will let me into a lot of places, but I think that if I want access to the gym and pool I have to buy that separately. I also, for some reason, bought a membership to some sort of film club. It’s not really educational; they’re just showing movies after they’re out of theatres, but before they’re out on DVD. It has the potential to be fun.

I’m really very excited. It’s scary, but the terror is of the pleasurable sort. I’m going to enjoy the summer as much as possible, but I’m honestly looking forward to September.

* Readings and discussion regarding language study past and present, including the study of language and its relation to thought. Form, meaning, and use of language as examined variously from one time and place to another. Role of language study in the discussion of a range of social phenomena and issues.

**Contemporary theories of psycholinguistics. Critical appraisal of the defining features of 'language', research on linguistics and the brain, theories of socio-cultural influences on language and of typical language acquisition.
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So, apparently that declaration that I could have a life again was a little premature. The last month has been... interesting. To start with, the least medically traumatising thing that happened to me was having my wrist slammed in a door so hard that I got a bone bruise. The other things that happened to me... actually, I’d rather not go into those, and anyone reading this would likely find it far TMI. Suffice it to say that the doctor is quite pleased at my healing abilities, and we’ve managed to find three more anesthetics that don’t work on me.

School’s over now. We can go in to see our marks on Monday; I think I did well on both final exams, so I’m not worried.
I’m both sad and happy to be done with high school altogether, which I suppose is a good thing, as it means that I’m now prepared to move on. I certainly wasn’t last year, and I’m pleasantly surprised, because I honestly didn’t think I would be at the beginning of this year, or even halfway through this year, and now that I am, I’m quite proud of myself.

My social life... didn’t just die, no, I just realised that it’s been dead for over two months. I’ll pin-point the exact date it croaked later, only because I’m reasonably certain that I can pin-point the exact date.
It’s not something that I can explain in fewer than five hundred words, so I won’t. It would be awkward for anyone else reading this, and I’m certain that with this much of a reference to it, I’ll be able to remember what I’m talking about even if I don’t read this again for a few years.

In somewhat related news, R dropped out mere weeks before school finished. That means that three of the four people in my primary, non-family social group during my last years of high school became high school dropouts with no intention of returning. I find this interesting, I guess because we’re almost evenly split between pass and fail, and I’m still in the sociology course frame of mind that says, “Oh hey, people usually choose friends with the same academic standing as themselves.” Of course, if I actually look at the individual people involved, it does make sense. It’s rather funny actually, in the beginning I was the most laid back of us, and in the end I became the most “OMG, grades!” whereas the person who was extremely hardcore about his marks was one of the first to drop out, and ended up failing at life in general more than any of us. I guess I’m just rambling about it now.

In any case, I am alive, and I am getting well again. I can deal with what life is throwing at me, and I am prepared to move on.
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So, I haven’t really been on LJ for a while. I was dead from ISU, but now that that’s done I can have a life again.

I presented on Friday, and it went pretty well. In fact, it went really well. I got to do a lot of things that I’d wanted to do for a very long time, and I took the opportunity to rickroll the entire class. Which yeah, internet memes in real life are not necessarily cool or a good idea, but it amused me, and it amused them. Several people told me that they were glad I’d gone last, because it would have been really awkward to present after my presentation, and I took that as a compliment. Also I got hugs for this. So overall I think I can call it a success.

I’m still kinda fried though, so that’ll be all for today.
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Today I wrote the psychology unit test. I'd heard that it was the hardest exam in the school, so I really prepared for it. I think I did well. The essay question probably won't be stunning, as I was really rushed for time when I wrote it, but I think I did well on the rest of it. Here's to hoping this isn't hubris.

In The Other Class I presented a project. The assignment was to create a cookbook for a certain stage of the life cycle (for us it was middle-aged adults) and prepare a meal for the class to try. It was a group project, and this did not go well. )

When not studying for the psych test, I took the time to finally read Sailor Nothing. I was surprised by how much I enjoyed it. I'd been feeling really depressed when I started reading it, but I'm fine now (I'm aware that I probably should have become more emo, but I can definitely see how it cheered me up too). It's well written. The author went all-out trying all sorts of different styles, and I think, for the most part, they worked.

My attraction to it probably has a lot to do with the fact that I love tearing down my fantasies. I like taking the idealistic things I've wished for, and exploring what it would be like if stuff like that really happened. Sailor Nothing does that perfectly.
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I’ve not been on LJ much lately; I don’t have much to talk about, and I’ve been obsessed with my ISU and watching TV online. The ISU is going pretty well, though I’m a bit stressed at the annotations I’ll have to have done for Monday. I’ve asked F to write something about the sexism she has to face being a female wrench-monkey, so that may cover the interview requirement.

For Psych class I had to write a position paper diagnosing Eric Cartman as a psychopath; that was fun, if a bit awkward.

In F&N some people didn’t have their work ready for the group project, so that was awesome. We had to hand it in three days late. We’ve just been assigned another group project, which no-one actually cares about. I’ll get my part finished tonight.

I’ve seen the school play (The Wizard of Oz) twice; it’s really good. It was directed by T, so it was interesting to see his choreography; the jitterbug dance was amazing. The actors were all really good too, though at some points some people had to sing notes that were just a little too high for them. When I went to see it last night he and H came over to talk to me, which was nice because I thought I’d kind of freaked H out at grad. I think I actually succeeded at competent social interaction this time though, so I’m improving.

In other news, our school was vandalised. Twice. It was really racist graffiti, and if it’s found out who did it, they’re going to face hate-crime charges. As they should, because it was absolutely disgusting.

I don’t really have anything else to say, so I’ll end this here. Hopefully my life will get pleasantly interesting very soon.
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So I probably should be sleeping right now, but I'm not, and I can't find a way to rectify that.

Last Thursday I wrote the anthropology unit test. I have slightly strange handwriting, most people do. Mine is strange in that it looks like the stereotypical old-fashioned elegant writing that shows up frequently on book covers and in movies. My teacher came to the conclusion that I write like a school-marm, and, after threatening several times to buy me a fountain pen to write with, actually did. It was fun and made me feel special, but I gave it back to him at the end of the test because I wouldn't have kept using it. I prefer to write in pencil, and the nib was a bit too thick for my tastes.

I'm actually kind of shocked that I found anthropology to be so amazing. I knew I was going to like it, but I had no idea how interesting it really was. We've moved on to psychology, which I know I'll love, so that's something to look forward to.

The other class... not so much. I don't really feel like going into it, so I'll just say "dull, empty, cow-like eyes". Read that as you will.

I don't know what the hell happened to my social life. I haven't seen anybody for quite a while. There was a nice incident when F and I went out to see Jumper (it wasn't that great) and met T. He gave me a hug, which I think is a positive reaction, and we spoke, and then spoke again several days later. I occasionally need reassurance that my presence doesn't send people scattering, so that helped.

We got snowed in on the weekend. It was fun. It was cold. Interesting fact: on Wednesday the snow was so plentiful that the city bus lines shut down and people who hadn't taken action before it got too bad were having trouble leaving the house. School however, was not cancelled. Our school stayed on all day, but I've heard that another one shut itself down because there were only about two students who made it to each class. I am unimpressed by a school board that would keep schools running on such a day.

I am starting to tire now, and my bed is looking so nice, and warm, and comfortable. Worry not my dear internet, for though I leave you now, I'll return on the 'morrow to see what new mindfuckery you've concocted. Goodnight, my sweet, goodnight.


Feb. 25th, 2008 05:54 pm
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There will be no hara-kiri on this day.
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I did do well on my courses last semester; hopefully that'll help the university application a bit. This semester I've come back to school to take a course on anthropology, sociology, and psychology. It is awesome, and has already made me glad I stayed. We've just barely started anthropology, the one I'm the least interested in, and I'm enjoying it so much that I can barely contain myself. It is a wonderful course, and though the workload is a bit heavier than I've had for a while, I love it, love it, love it.

Of course, I had to take a second course in order to remain a full time student. The course I went with was Food and Nutrition, not because of any interest in the subject, but because it made a really convenient timetable. I'm wondering if perhaps that was a bad decision. The course is the most inane thing I've had to suffer through for a very long time. It's a university prep course, but it involves very little thought or effort, and quite frankly, I'm really bored. I'm worried that I'll end up doing badly because I have to make an effort to pay attention, and most of the time it's not even worth it.

This week has had an interesting highlight though. Yesterday there was an announcement saying that we should avoid hanging out behind the school because there's some crazy flasher guy hiding in the woods. Yesterday was the second or third time he'd exposed himself to a student, and the football coach apparently tried to chase him down, but he got away.
I know flashers are scary and all, but I can't help laughing at this. It was −8° out, I mean, damn man, why bother?
Since I don't know whether to be repulsed or impressed, I'll just go with being overly amused. It works well.


Feb. 1st, 2008 07:49 pm
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Exams went well (I think). The practicals for Writer's Craft were not so great. I did not manage to finish my essay, and I do not believe that my creative writing piece was quite what the rubric specified. Art History however went better than I expected. Yes, I left some blanks, but I'd thought that I was going to leave a lot of blanks, so that's okay. I couldn't think of more than three facts for the Romanesque era, and my years were certainly messed up, but I did far better than it sounds like I did.

I've had the last week off, due to exams and the time teachers need to mark them. I'm not sure that I can say I've spent my time productively, but I've spent it pleasantly.

I read all of Death Note, and I don't regret it. It's honestly awesome, and I enjoyed it even more than I expected to.

I also managed to pick up the complete series of the Addams Family. It was new, and surprisingly cheap. I found it at the movie store that I hope is a legitimate business but sometimes wonder about (seriously, their prices are sometimes half what I'd pay at HMV). I haven't watched it all yet, but I expect that before long I will have.
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Exams start formally on Thursday, but since the Writer’s Craft exam is too big to complete in the maximum amount of time (three hours) it has been split into two exams, one of which will be on Wednesday. I’ve been studying pretty hard, and I’m still not done all my homework. The Art exam is going to be nearly impossible. 136 marks are dedicated to the eras, which we will have to remember the order of, the dates of, five facts of, and two artists with examples of their work for each. We only need to know 15 eras, but that’s still a lot of work, especially since that’s only one of five sections on the exam. I did not expect art to have the hardest exam, but I guess it makes sense in some sort of karmic equation.

Today I had one of the computer elite come over and look at my machine. I had a lot of viruses. Apparently using multiple virus protection programs is the technological equivalent of sacrificing small mammals in your basement. Who knew? In any case, Zonealarm will now be my defender. He also installed Firefox, so I’m trying that right now. It’s nice, but I’m definitely going to keep IE around.

There is little other news. I picked up Stargate SG-1 during the Holidays. I’ve already watched up to the end of season four. I didn't expect to be too fond of it, but it’s become really good, and I’m dreading that it will suddenly start going downhill. Even if it does, I like it enough right now that I’ll probably end up buying all of the seasons.

Today’s F's birthday. I phoned her, we talked, she said she’d phone me back, she didn’t. I’m sulking, as usually happens at this point in the cycle.

But I should probably get back to studying now. It’s been a nice little ramble; I feel less tense.
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So I got 100% on that assignment I danced for. Effort did not go to waste. Tomorrow I’m presenting slam poetry in a group for Writer’s Craft. It’s kind of scary that it’s almost over. I’ll miss seeing Wren; I have Breaton again next semester. It’ll be even stranger though, most returning grade 12s are just here for the first semester. I’d say I’d get lonely, but I don’t have much more than superficial conversations with them anyways.

I’m glad that I’ll be able to say that I enjoyed high school, but by no means am I going to think of it as the best years of my life. Some days I think I’m going to have a really cool future. I’m not going to be anything like any of the multitude of people I thought I’d become, but that’s not a bad thing. Overall, I’m content with myself and the path I’m on, which is something I’m really lucky to be able to say.

I got letters from university. They said thanks for applying, so I’m still a bit stressed... but I’ll probably get in.

Tomorrow I’m going out with F and R. We’re going to have dinner somewhere, and maybe exchange gifts. I don’t feel very social right now, but I’m sure I’ll end up having fun.

On Monday I’m going out with Fl. It’s been a while, and he looked really puzzled when he saw me a few days ago. It always makes me feel awkward when people look at me like they can’t figure me out, though that happens a lot. It probably happens to everyone.

I found some things I really wanted today in a store that I was hoping but wasn’t really expecting to find treasures in. Very awesome.

Tomorrow’s the longest night of the year; I guess that makes it the real new-year, not January the first. Maybe I’m missing something.

Wren’s been bringing in paper for us to make origami cranes. We’re making 1000 for her husband. It’s cool really; she’s got 450ish so far. She also bakes us cake. It was delishous, and her husband wrote, “MAKE ART THEN DIE” on it, with a lovely picture of a skull (which I ate) in pink, and a less successful picture of a crane. I’m sure he will get well. Scientifically things are looking good for him, and I don’t have a particular belief system, but I’m sure so many people thinking positive, helpful things about him must be doing some good.

It’s getting late now, and I need to be well rested so I can display my awesomeness to its full capacity tomorrow.
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This day shall go down in history as the day Alandrea did an interpretive dance for her art History class.

In front of everybody.

I don’t know if I’m an attention whore, or just really socially awkward.
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It’s been a while. My ISU is done, but not over. I present on Friday; it’ll probably go well. I found some really great poetry for it, but I didn’t note the poems in my reference materials. This is the one that moved me the most. When I can, I’m going to buy Anne Sexton’s Transformations. It looks really good. Catherine Orenstein’s Little Red Riding Hood Uncloaked and Mary Tatar’s The Hard Facts of the Grimms’ Fairy Tales were a lot of help. That will be the extent of my pimping today.

I haven’t been out socially in what feels like forever. This thing has ruled my life for the last two weeks. It’s nice to have it over.

Wren’s husband has his last chemo treatment on the 6th. She’s taking the week off to be with him. I think that’s great, but the supply seems a bit bland and I’ve already finished all the assigned work. Everyone misses her, which says really nice things about her and the class. I hope things go well for her and her husband. I’m sure they will.

I don’t have anything else that’s actually interesting to say right now. Good night.
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I came down with a mild case of death yesterday. I’m okay now, not well but alive. The day before that I was out all day with F and R; they took me to two restaurants where the waiters sing if it’s someone’s birthday. The 17th was my birthday, seven days after the election, but I may have a chance to vote in the referendum. Also, I got my WoW character up to level 61, which, for some reason, is important to me.

Cut for graduation and death. )

In happier (and nerdier) news, because something to take one’s mind off that is needed, I’m forcing F to play WoW. She made a Night Elf warrior and I made a Draenei priest. She seems to like it, and R is getting interested as well. She’ll need an internet connection first though.

I guess that all I have to say right now. I’m tired and shall be going to bed.
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So, yes, updating, I fail it.

In any case I now have things to say, so I'll get on that. )
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So, I’ve been offline for what feels like a long time because I’ve been studying for Exams and trying not to distract myself. I still don’t feel prepared but I feel I’ve done my best.

We still need to finish filming for Comm-Tech, then we have several hours to edit the remainder. This is going to be hectic. I’m very worried about a couple of exams, but I feel much better about french because the grammar portion is only 3% of our mark. The other part of our final exam is worth 9% and it’s on stories and poems, which I can work with.

I felt the need to copy out the highlights of my math text by hand. I now have 23 pages and very little understanding. Pfft. Well, I hope I’m being paranoid and I’ll do well, but I have the sinking feeling that he’ll think it’s funny to focus the exam on the parts people didn’t understand. He may take pity on us though. Besides, tomorrow he’s supposed to give us Smarties. No, I’m not really sure why.

Words, words, words

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