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It was pretty nifty, especially the part when I registered and couldn’t pronounce my own middle name. The lady registering me got a little suspicious, and I didn’t do myself any favours when, right after that, I got my birthday wrong. Since I didn’t get kicked out, or arrested for identity fraud or anything, I can look back on it and laugh.

I haven’t been on LJ in a while; I’ve been absurdly busy. I have three essays to do before next Thursday, and they had better be damn good. I’m feeling pretty competent right now though. There was a test in psycholinguistics last week, and my mark was noticeably above the average. I’m struck by that mainly because everyone I talked to said it was an incredibly easy test, and I felt bad at first because I thought it wasn’t. Then they started freaking out over their mark, and I did not.

My biology class switches teachers this Thursday. I can’t believe how much time has passed since the year started; it feels like nothing.

My sociology lecture, I’ve noticed, contains two young men who appear to be the frat-boy editions of Mario and Luigi. I haven’t seen them since the second lecture. Maybe they, like many others, stopped attending, or maybe it’s just that they’ve changed their outfits and I can’t recognise them anymore. Either way, I think they had no idea that they resembled video game characters, which makes it that much better.

For my swiftly impending birthday, F wants to take me to a casino so that we can get smashed and gamble away what little cash we have. I’m not so much up for this. The closest casino we have is in Niagara Falls, and I hear it’s a bit crap. Maybe I’ll be a little bit less of a killjoy on my birthday, but there are various reasons why I do not really want to go out and I was wishing that I could count on her to remember them. In the end, I’ll probably end up going out for a bit, then calling it an early night.

Class starts soon, so I’d better get ready to go. I think we have a guest lecturer for sociology, so that should be interesting.
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